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Savino company is a pharmaceutical and medical equipment distributor located At Erbil-Kurdistan Region of Iraq, 30M Street, near to Council of Ministers, next to French Consulate .Savino Company is doing business in a partnership strategy with pharmaceutical manufactures. The Company is covering the Whole country through three offices such as Savino Hawler at Erbil as our main head office , Diar Drug Store In Sulaimanya and Al-shimal Scientific Bureau in Baghdad. Savino Company is the sole agent of (Pharma Developement) French Pharmaceutical company for more than 5 years in which this company produces hundreds of versatile products. Savino Company, is an integrated pharmaceutical Distributor operating in the private sector and public sectors /Tenders with quality products, the company is providing a wide range of quality, affordable medicines. Its brands are highly trusted by healthcare professionals and patients. Customer satisfaction is fundamental to the company. Savino Company is a forward looking pharmaceutical & Medical equipment Distributer poised for high trajectory growth. With eyes firmly set on the future, Savino Company is well-equipped to explore new business opportunities with other European branded pharmaceutical manufactures to provide its customers/Patients more brands to gain customer’s trust and satisfaction in the market place. The company intends focus on importing High quality and affordable products to achieve customer’s satisfaction and delight through an innovative marketing campaign governed by more than 60 perfectly trained Medical representatives. The marketing campaign is being operated in different strategies, such as one to one, Direct communication, conferences, and through promotional Materials like BTLs . BTLtechniques ensure recall of the brand while at the same time highlighting the features of the product. Marketing is a part of the company’s strategy and will be one of the key elements in providing a competitive edge in terms of affordability, quality and product availability. Savino Company is running the product/company registration process through highly experienced employees in registration department In Baghdad and Kurdistan region as well, in which they take care of all the procedures and routines related to registration and other company regulatory procedures. HISTORY Savino Company was established in 2008 as a Pharmaceutical and medical equipment Importer and Distributer, supplying hundreds of Medications including a wide range of OTC ,herbal and generic drugs to healthcare market In Iraq and Kurdistan Region. Savino Company is licensed by Ministry of Health ,registered In Ministry of Trade in Iraq and Kurdistan region and authorized by Iraqi Government and Kurdistan Regional Government to handle Importation and Distribution of controlled and quality drugs to any Iraqi friendly Cities. We are member of Iraqi chambers of commerce and Erbil Chamber of Commerce as well.